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The versatility offered by Zacks Quant Lab’s combination of software and databases means clients can use it in a variety of ways throughout their investment processes.

Here Are a Few Ways Our Clients Use Our Software:


Develop models within a universe of stocks that you specify — for example, excluding micro-caps or financials

Optimize portfolios with user-defined risk/return tolerance factors in development and production

Apply your own criteria to define growth, small/large cap, etc., in a universe of stocks

Rank stocks by nearly any metric, within any given universe

Import third party data for analysis and testing


Generate and backtest proprietary investment ideas/models

Analyze performance measures, accounting for both returns and return variance

Simulate trading strategies, taking into account nearly any trading cost and portfolio construction variable imaginable

Regression analysis: cross section, time series, multi-factor or multiple regression


Archive historical model performance

Auto-generate reports to track your strategies’ effectiveness

Databases automatically update to ensure you’re using the latest data