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Databases are the lifeblood of any quantitative department. Zacks Quant Lab software can import & work with third-party proprietary datasets. In addition, Zacks Quant Lab gives you access to 20 years of data (with our standard service) or up to 35+ years (with our backdata service).

Our Databases Fall Into the Following Broad Categories:


Analyst recommendations and recommendation changes; annual and quarterly consensus estimate data; expected report dates; growth rates; Surprises and actual EPS and more.

Market Data

Daily/Weekly/Monthly open, high, low and closing prices that includes total returns and volume data.

Financial Statements

Annual/Quarterly income statement, balance sheet and cash flow items.


Index, Sector, Industry, Insider, Institutional and more.

We Can Customize Our Data to Meet Your Needs

If you’d like more information on our databases and how we can help integrate our data into your workflow, contact our Consulting Services Group. Our experienced customer support staff will happy to assist you.

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