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Zacks proven, fundamental-based quant models provide the insight needed to outperform many US equity benchmarks. Use them as an alpha factor in multi-factor models, as a metric in screening processes or as a tie breaker for buy/sell candidates.

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Zacks Insider Rank

Zacks analyzes insider stock transactions in aggregate over 1-6 month periods, and then compiles an rank ranging from 1 (high buying activity) to 6 (high selling activity). This model has been shown to predict which stocks traded by insiders will outperform the market over the next three to six months.

Zacks Price Response Indicator

Zacks PRI relates a stock’s price behavior just before an earnings announcement to price changes immediately after an earnings surprise. Its goal is to predict the next 2-60 day price performance. For example, if a stock’s price declines ahead of an announcement and the company reports a strong positive earnings surprise, then the stock receives a high PRI score. If the reverse occurs, the stock gets a low score.

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Zacks Earnings Score

This score seeks to uncover companies that not only have consistent track records of high earnings growth, but also have a greater likelihood of continued growth with risk adjusted return. The top 10% of companies outperformed with lower volatility, while the bottom 10% of companies underperformed with higher volatility. The model’s universe is the top 3000 market cap common stocks.

Zacks Earnings and Dividend Score

This score categorizes dividend paying companies’ ability to deliver earnings/dividend growth compared to their volatility. The top 10% of companies outperformed with lower volatility while the bottom 10% of companies underperformed with higher volatility. The model’s universe is the top 3000 market cap common stocks.

Zacks Rank/Indicator/Indicator 2

Any revision in a company’s expected future earnings directly affects its future stock price. Zacks Indicator uses research on this relationship to predict stock price movements based on expected estimate revisions and earnings surprises. It ranks approximately 5,000 stocks into 99 equal groups (1=best, 99=worst). A portfolio of stocks with a Zack Indicator of 1-2, rebalanced monthly, nearly tripled the S&P 500’s performance since 1988. The Zacks Rank, well known among institutional and high net worth investors, is derived from Zacks Indicator groups.

Zacks Style Scores

A complimentary set of indicators that categorize Zacks Rank groups within Growth/Value/Momentum styles. The Zacks Style Score is based on research showing that stocks with the best growth, value and momentum characteristics outperform the market when combined with Zacks Rank. Each Style Score is relative to all other companies with the same Zacks Rank.

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